Appraisals &

Perhaps the number one question that comes up when a piece of equipment is damaged is this: How much is it worth? We can tell you. We'll perform an appraisal that assesses the amount of damage to the equipment and execute an evaluation that establishes the value of the equipment at the time of the loss.

At Truck & Equipment Specialists, it doesn't matter what type of equipment it is—tractor, trailer, crane, excavator, or vessel, —we can tell you what it's worth. We can determine both the actual cost value (ACV) and the replacement cost value (RCV), whichever you prefer. And we'll take into consideration each of the factors needed to make sure both the appraisal and evaluation are accurate.

Report excerpt

"Our inspection has revealed that the subject unit sustained severe damages as a result of the rollover. The damages include the load block, headache ball, load line wire rope, whip line wire rope, PAT components, deflection and deformation of the boom base section, first outer mid section, second outer mid section third outer mid section fourth outer mid section, head section weldment, head section sheaves, head section rooster sheave, A2B components, scope cylinder, load blocks, lattice jib transition section, lattice jib tip section, lattice jib stow brackets, upper cab windshield, upper cab structure, upper structure sheet metal, swing gear boxes, right side front and rear outrigger vertical and horizontal cylinders, right front and rear outrigger floats, right front and rear outrigger boxes, three tires, planetary gear boxes, planetary drive shafts, right rear drive hubs, right rear brake assemblies, right rear Mega-Trak suspension cylinders, complete lower cab assembly, front bumper, etc.

We are currently in the process of soliciting parts prices from Grove and, upon receipt, we will prepare our appraisal of damages."