Sometimes brakes fail. Other times, drivers simply fail to use them. The brake experts at Truck and Equipment Specialists are trained to determine which is the case.

Although we primarily perform brake inspections on over-the-road tractors and trailers, when necessary, we can perform them on mobile cranes. We inspect for wear and tear and issues related to maintenance, and we also perform functional tests to determine braking adequacy. In many cases, we can reenact a specific circumstance to assist in identifying the specific root cause.

Report excerpt

"Our inspection of the above captioned unit revealed that all of the rear brake components were found to be properly affixed and intact and adequate with respect to measurements, physical condition, mechanical condition, etc. Additionally, and as outlined above, a functional test of the parking brake was performed with the same load that was on board at the time of the incident. The results of that test were positive as the unit stopped after 36' of travel, which is well within the 90' required by the Department of Transportation for units with a GVW in excess of 26,001 lbs. Therefore, our inspection has revealed no deļ¬ciencies that can be attributed to the incident that occurred on 08/02/12."