Claims management is more than just a term we throw around. It's a commitment to our customers. We manage each part of your claim like we have our own financial resources at stake. We take the time to understand how each particular policy responds to a given situation. Whether your claim relates to an inland marine, riggers liability, cargo, auto, or general liability policy, we can assist you in managing the claims process.

The claims experts at Truck & Equipment Specialists are able to assist in retrieving salvage bids, hiring forensic experts, communicating with manufacturers and third party repair facilities, avoiding unnecessary business interruption scenarios and managing the expectations of the insured.

When claims are complicated, you need a resource that can simplify things. Truck & Equipment Specialist does exactly that.

Our experts take into consideration burn patterns, smoke color, flame presence, and detailed information on the equipment affected to find the fire’s point of origin. Whether the fire is a result of an electrical malfunction, a faulty piece of equipment, or arson, Truck and Equipment Specialists can help you determine exactly what happened.