We make complex heavy equipment claims simple.

Bristow Truck and Equipment Specialists, Inc. is a claims adjusting and heavy equipment appraisal service with experience in virtually every type of heavy equipment seen in the construction market today.

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"Truck & Equipment Specialists is an invaluable resource that I’ve used on countless occasions to investigate and evaluate commercial liability loss events. Mr. Bristow has a comprehensive understanding of not just how cranes and heavy equipment operate, but also how they are affected by all the different governing regulations."

David E. Diedrich, CFI, CTCI
Inland Marine-Civil Liability Investigator


“In over twenty years of working with crane accidents and insurance companies, JR Bristow has proven to be the go-to appraisal and adjusting professional for crane and heavy equipment-related accidents. His knowledge, experience, documentation, and ability to professionally manage a claim from cradle to grave is, hands down, the best in the country.”

Jay K Shiffler
Vice President & General Manager of Marketing, TADANO America Corporation


“We have introduced JR Bristow to our physical damage insurance carriers and the overwhelming majority now use him as their exclusive heavy equipment appraiser. Mr. Bristow has the knowledge and expertise to effectively adjust and expedite the settlement of any heavy equipment or crane claim. Our clients and carrier partners appreciate his ability to bring a claim to conclusion and significantly mitigate the additional consequences of a claim—such as the loss of use of the equipment. JR is absolutely the best resource of this type in the country."

Randy Proos CIC, CRIS
Vice President, USI