Fire Cause
& origin

When fires occur, the damage is typically significant. Truck & Equipment Specialist’s representatives are trained fire experts and can handle all tasks from the initial scoping of the fire’s damage, to the effects of smoke and fire on various structural materials and contents. We can even help decipher which materials can or should be deodorized and restored.

Our experts take into consideration burn patterns, smoke color, flame presence, and detailed information on the equipment affected to find the fire’s point of origin. Whether the fire is a result of an electrical malfunction, a faulty piece of equipment, or arson, Truck and Equipment Specialists can help you determine exactly what happened.

Report excerpt

“Initial inspection and examination of burn patterns revealed that the fire propagated at the right rear corner of the engine compartment as reported by the insured. Further examination of the lower area of the right rear of the engine compartment revealed evidence of severe overheating and in some areas evidence of electrical arching. Further examination then revealed severe arching and complete melting of the positive battery cable at the starter area as a result of contact with the starter housing due to gradual wear, tear and deterioration of the non-conductive coating on the cable. At that time all other sources of propagation and ignition were examined and ruled out as a possible cause.”