A full suite of heavy equipment appraisal, evaluation, and investigative services.


Claims management

Claims management is more than just a phrase we throw around; it’s a commitment to our customers. We manage each part of your claim like we have our own financial resources at stake, and we take the time to understand how each particular policy responds to a given situation. Whether your claim relates to an inland marine, rigger’s liability, cargo, auto, or general liability policy, we can assist you in managing the claims process from start to finish.

The claims experts at Truck & Equipment Specialists can assist in retrieving salvage bids, hiring forensic experts, communicating with manufacturers and third-party repair facilities, and helping to avoid unnecessary business interruption scenarios—all while managing the expectations of the policyholder.

When claims are complicated, you need a resource that can simplify things. Truck & Equipment Specialist does exactly that.

Areas of Expertise

  • Full claims management services
  • Salvage bid solicitation
  • Forensic expert selection


Appraisals & Evaluations

Perhaps the number one question that comes up when a piece of equipment is damaged is this: How much is it worth? To answer that question, we do two things. First, we perform an appraisal that accurately assesses the amount of damage to the equipment. Second, we initiate an evaluation that establishes the value of the equipment at the time of the loss.

At Truck & Equipment Specialists, it doesn’t matter what type of equipment it is—tractor, trailer, crane, excavator, or vessel, —we can tell you what it’s worth. We can determine both the actual cost value (ACV) and the replacement cost value (RCV), whichever you prefer. And we’ll take into consideration each of the factors needed to make sure both the appraisal and evaluation are both comprehensive and precise.


Areas of Expertise

  • ACV or RCV determination
  • Accurate damage assessment
  • Precise evaluations


Failure Analysis

The reality of anything mechanical is that given enough time, something will fail. Sometimes it’s a boom component that sustained damage during a claim event. Other times, it’s a hydraulic cylinder that seemingly failed out of the blue. Maybe it’s a mechanical part that stopped working due to a defect in the product.

Regardless, at Truck & Equipment Specialists, we collect and analyze data to determine the exact cause of a failure. We systematically walk through an incident to develop a comprehensive explanation for why something failed. If needed, we can even work with a forensic investigator or engineer to take the investigation beyond the scope of the initial inquiry.

Put simply: When parts fail, we tell you why.


Areas of Expertise

  • Hydraulic components
  • Engine components
  • Mechanical components


Fire Cause & Origin

When fires occur, the damage is typically significant. Truck & Equipment Specialist’s representatives are trained fire experts and can handle all tasks from the initial scoping of the fire’s damage, to the effects of smoke and fire on various structural materials and contents. We can even help decipher which materials or components can or should be deodorized and restored.

Our experts take into consideration burn patterns, smoke color, flame presence, and detailed information on the equipment affected to find the fire’s point of origin.

Whether the fire is a result of an electrical malfunction, a faulty piece of equipment, or arson, Truck & Equipment Specialists can help you determine exactly what happened.


Areas of Expertise

  • Restoration
  • Initial damage scoping
  • Point of origin


Brake Inspection

Sometimes brakes fail. Other times, drivers simply fail to use them. The brake experts at Truck and Equipment Specialists are trained to determine which is the case.

Although we primarily perform brake inspections on over-the-road tractors and trailers, when necessary, we can perform them on mobile cranes. We inspect for wear and tear and issues related to maintenance, and we also perform functional tests to determine braking adequacy. In many cases, we can reenact a specific circumstance to assist in identifying the specific root cause.


Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile crane
  • Over-the-road tractors and trailers
  • Inspection and functional testing